Friday, February 12, 2010

Forty-Five Weeks!

Today Nick is forty-five weeks old! And today was his last day in Infant A at TLE :( My little baby isn't such a little baby anymore . . .

Last weekend was a blast! Friday night I went out to dinner with Aunt Krystyn and Melissa, and when we got home, Nick was wide awake and ready to play! Melissa decided to sleep over, because it was pretty late, so Saturday morning all five of us packed into the Caliber and headed to Rebecca's for breakfast - in our pajamas! It was Nick's first time in a sit-down restaurant that we can recall, and it was such an awesome experience! He was fascinated by the train going around the ceiling and all of the memorabilia on the walls. Our server was great and brought Nick's food out right away without us even having to ask - he had a scrambled egg, sliced banana and oatmeal. He fed himself, as usual, and apparently there was a couple by the door who watched in amazement :) After breakfast we hung out at home until it was time to get ready for Melissa's baby shower. We got Nick all dressed up in maize and blue because he went with his dad and grandparents to his first UM basketball game while we were at the shower. When we got home, Nick was already here. Then our cousin Brittnee and her friend came over. Nick played for a little while, and he also clapped his hands and waved for the very first time! He conked out around 7:30 - he had a very busy and exciting day! Sunday morning we played with Nick for a little while, then he took a nice long nap. Aunt Krystyn wanted to spend as much time with him as she could before going home to Raleigh. We played together until it was time for Nick's second nap, and Melissa came to take Krystyn to the airport while Nick was sleeping. Nick slept for a very long time - after about 1.5 hours I went in and laid down with him, while his dad and grandpa went to pick up his crib. Nick slept until almost 6 pm! Then we all went to Trader Joe's to pick up our groceries for the week.

Monday it was back to work and daycare. Nick's Infant B teacher was out sick Monday and Tuesday, but Nick still spent some time in Infant B to continue transitioning into there full time. Wednesday we got a ton of snow! But luckily TLE was still open. This week Nick tried fresh peaches for the first time - he loved them! I also found out that they haven't been cutting up his banana at TLE - they give him one half at a time and he eats it like an adult. I saw it with my very own eyes. We still cut it up for him though :) Thursday morning when I dropped Nick off, I waved bye to him - and he crawled right over to me and waved bye back! I almost cried, it was so adorable and sweet.

Today was pajama day at TLE and I felt terrible because I didn't know. But Nick wore red for Valentine's Day and he looks so cute in red, I didn't mind that he missed out on pajama day.

This weekend should be fun. Tomorrow I might try to make a homemade pizza for Nick to try, and tomorrow night Miss Amanda is coming to baby-sit while we go to a wedding. Sunday Nick might get to meet his new friend Bailey, and we might put his crib together and maybe make a trip to Ikea for some shelves for the basement. We plan on having his birthday party here at the house, so we have about 7 weeks to make it presentable! Next week we don't have anything special going on, except that it'll be Nick's first full week in Infant B. Next weekend is his Uncle Jim's birthday, so Sunday we are going to Boodles to celebrate. It'll be Nick's first time at Boodles. Hope he loves it as much as we do!

I am getting so excited for Nick's birthday. It's bittersweet, because I can't believe my baby is going to be one in less than two months, but it's exciting because I love planning parties! I already ordered his special bib and a special onesie, and the onesie print is going to be the theme of the party. We're just having his friends and their parents over, and his grandparents. We don't want to overwhelm him with a huge family party. We are also going to request that his friends each bring a book for a book exchange, rather than a gift for Nick - he's too young to open gifts or realize what's going on, and he definitely has plenty of toys already! We'll probably do book exchanges for his parties until he starts school. We'll see :)

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