Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today is Nick's first repeat holiday. So bittersweet! At least this year he got to enjoy an Easter "basket."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fifty-Two Weeks!

Yes, today Nick is fifty-two weeks old! Tomorrow is his very first birthday. This year has been an amazing year. This blog has only captured a small portion of the highs and lows of Nick's first year. It has been an amazing journey. Jeff and I have learned so much - but most importantly, we learned how much we love being parents :)

Last weekend was so much fun! Saturday morning Nick and I were up early to hit a big mom2mom sale in Canton. Of course I spent too much money :) But I got Nick some great stuff! Some clothes, some jackets, some books, and a Play-Hut tunnel to go with his ball pit for only $3!! We came home and got ready for Nick's one year pictures. He wore a white oxford, red tie and jeans, with bare feet. He was not enjoying himself but we still got some cute pictures :) We came home and hung out before Miss Amanda came over so we could have date night. Nick loves spending time with Miss Amanda :) According to her report, they played together until 7:30, then she read him 5 or 6 books and he fell asleep in the crib :) We got home around 9. He didn't even wake up until 10! Sunday we had a playdate with some great little boys - all around Nick's age. We're hoping to make some new friends with sons so Nick will have some boy friends :) The kids all had a blast. It was fun to watch them parallel play. None of them wanted the same toy at the same time, and none of them made each other cry :)

Monday it was back to work and daycare. This week Nick tried a plum and he loved it! This was a short week for us - we were supposed to leave yesterday for Raleigh, so Nick only went to daycare three days. He had a runny nose Monday and Monday night he seemed pretty congested. We were hopeful it was just another cold. Tuesday Miss Nicole reported that he was very clingy - a sure sign he wasn't feeling well :( Late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning Nick felt hot, so Wednesday morning we took his temperature and it was 102. Jeff and I both had to go to work that day so Jeff's parents graciously came over to sit with Nick. He was acting pretty normally and eating normally. They took him to see his doctor at 12:45, and he had a 102.6 temperature and some fluid in his left ear. The doctor called me before and after the appointment. He wanted to draw blood to see if there was bacteria in Nick's bloodstream, but I wasn't comfortable with that since I wasn't there, so he prescribed antibiotics and said if Nick still had a fever Thursday morning, we shouldn't go on the trip :( Thursday morning we woke up and his fever was even worse. At one point it was up to 105 :( We decided to fly out today if Nick was feeling better, but he wasn't. We gave him Tylenol two or three times, but he seemed to have a reaction to the antibiotics (he threw up) so we didn't give him those. Jeff called the doctor, who prescribed a different kind of antibiotics but Nick wouldn't take those. I haven't left Nick's side much - I'm just so worried about him and he needs his rest, and seems to sleep better when he's with me or Jeff. I gave him a bath Wednesday night and Thursday night, hoping to loosen his congestion and just generally help him feel better. Thursday night in the bath he just kind of laid on me, he didn't play and splash as usual. Made me sad and very worried :(

This morning his fever had dropped to 101, and then it dropped to 99.9, and last time we took it tonight it was 98.5, so that's great! He seems to be breathing totally normal and he was perkier this evening - which was probably helped by the nap he took from 10:30 am until 3 pm! He slept part of it in the bed, part of it on Jeff, and the rest of it on me :) He looked so peaceful and he clearly needed the rest! After his nap, we took another bath, and then we went for a family walk. Jeff dressed him in some khaki cargo shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt - he looked absolutely adorable and very much like a toddler :(

Tomorrow he turns 1 year old. We can hardly believe it! We've been talking a lot lately about the first few weeks and months with Nick. This year has just flown by! We're not really sure what we're doing, it depends on how he's feeling. We're thinking about taking him out for birthday breakfast to Rebecca's in town - he seemed to like it last time. Sunday is Easter. We have a basket for Nick with some play silks, washable markers and some realistic-looking toy keys. We were going to do the traditional ham dinner thing but are rethinking that. Nick likes steak so if it's nice enough out, maybe we'll grill :)

Monday it'll be back to work and daycare. Jeff and I both took Monday off because we were supposed to be in Raleigh still, but it looks like we'll go to work and try to save that day off for another try at a trip to Raleigh. This week is a big week for us - I'm no longer pumping, and Nick will be drinking goat milk when we're not together, but will continue nursing when we are together. I think at first I thought I'd start weaning him around now but there's no way either one of us is ready for that! I am thinking maybe at 2 we'll start talking about weaning, if he hasn't self-weaned by then.

Next weekend is his big part-ay :) We are so excited! Lots of his little friends are coming and it will be a blast to see him with his first cake.

I am still so sad that Krystyn and Zack are missing his first birthday :( It was so important to me for us to spend tomorrow with them. Nick could not have gotten sick at a worse time :( Of course I'm not upset with Nick - he certainly did not choose to be sick and has been quite miserable these past few days - I'm just very very disappointed we didn't get to see my sister and spend this most special day with her :( We are hoping to visit Raleigh sometime this year though - possibly for her birthday in June or my birthday in July. Nick will be so old by then!! Definitely walking, I'm sure :)