Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Eight Weeks Old

Today Nick is eight weeks old! He had his two month well-baby visit. The good (great!) news is he weighs 12 lbs. 3 oz (75th %) and is 22 3/4 inches long (50th %). His doctor said he is growing perfectly and continues to be amazed that Nick is exclusively breastfed. The bad news - he had five shots :( Two nurses did them, so he had two at once, two at once, then a fifth on its own. They also tried to give him an oral vaccine - he wasn't having any of that, he spit it right out. Apparently he only likes breastmilk :) Nick was so brave. He cried for less than five minutes after the shots. And miraculously, mom didn't cry at all! :) The doctor said Nick is doing great physically, however, he does still go cross-eyed sometimes, so we need to take him to a pediatric ophthalmologist to have it monitored. Hopefully it will correct itself. He also said Nick's drooling and chewing are not related to future teething - it's related to him getting ready to be spoon fed! That's at least four months away though :)

Last weekend we took Nick to Pentwater. He did great! He only cried when he was hungry or needed to be burped. We arrived in Pentwater just before the shower started.
The shower was so much fun! Jeff's Aunt Cherrie and Aunt Nancy did a fantastic job! We played a fun game where they put ten baby items in brown paper bags and we all had to guess what they were by feeling them through the bag. Jeff and I only got three or four right - but in our defense, we aren't using a lot of the items we didn't guess correctly :)
Lots of relatives were able to hold Nick for the first time, including Lesleigh, pictured here - Jeff's cousin's daughter :) We received a lot of great gifts, including the first contribution to Nick's college fund - everyone was so generous. He received his first pair of Robeez from Aunt Cherrie and Uncle Ralph, a great adjustable size sun hat with built-in sunscreen from Aunt Nancy and Amy, tons of adorable clothes from the Petersens, a gorgeous hand-knit sweater, hat and booties with matching afghan and a UM polo onesie and hand-knit UM hat from Great Grandma Lundberg, fantastic foot rattles from Staci - just to name a few :)
On the way home Nick made his first trip to Starbucks! He declined to order anything, he just looked all around and waited patiently for mom and dad to get their drinks. We promised him someday he'll love their hot chocolate, and we'll buy him his own travel mug.

Monday was pretty laid back. Dad and grandpa fixed a sprinkler and tried to fix the fridge while mom and Nick went shopping. Nick wore Polo for the first time, pictured here. Then dad made a delicious marinade and grilled some chicken. Tuesday morning, before dad left for work, Nick SMILED for the first time! So happily dad was able to see it :) He smiled three more times that day! Tuesday night mom and Nick went to their first NAMI moms' night out at an organic coffee shop called First Cup in Redford. Everyone thought Nick was adorable, and said he is so alert for his age! Wednesday mom and Nick went to the Secretary of State office in Canton to renew mom's license plate tab, then shopping to try to find dad a birthday gift from Nick. Eventually we found exactly what we were looking for, and along the way, picked up a few things for mom and Nick too :) Thursday mom and dad decided to do a morning trial run, so mom got dressed pretty early, and decided not to waste the day. Mom and Nick went to the Northville farmers' market and bought some tomato and peppet plants, and basil and flat leaf parsley plants. Then we went to Twelve Oaks and bought Aunt Krystyn's birthday present and some Carter's creepers for Nick. Mom nursed Nick twice at the mall! Nursing in public is getting easier bit by bit :) Nick mostly slept, in the Moby or the car seat, pictured here - so adorable!! Thursday night dad held Nick in the Ergo carrier while mom planted her plants, then made ground turkey spaghetti for dinner.
This morning was supposed to be a test run to daycare, but Nick and mom didn't leave until 8:30 - over an hour late :( We went to daycare anyway, paid Nick's first month's tuition, and hung out for a little while in the infant room with Miss Melissa. Then we headed off to Target, where Nick slept and mom bought some things for daycare and her return to work. Then it was off to the doctor's office!

Tomorrow afternoon we have our first family portrait session scheduled. Then mom and dad are going out to Boodles with dad's family for dad's birthday while Lauren baby-sits Nick - his very first time without mom or dad around! And of course, Nick starts daycare full time on Monday and mom goes back to the office. No plans for the evenings next week except cuddling :) Thursday is Jeff's birthday, which the three of us will celebrate at home together. Next weekend dad and Nick will have some time to themselves when mom goes to an LAA breakfast meeting.

It is starting to sink in - this is the life Jeff and I have dreamed of and worked towards for over eight years now, and it's finally starting to feel real. We have a great marriage, we bought our dream house, and now we have our own family with our amazing little boy. I honestly couldn't be happier! Well, maybe if I lost these last few pregnancy pounds ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Seven Weeks Old

Today Nick is seven weeks old! I can hardly believe it! He had a very exciting weekend and week. This week his new trick was - drumroll please - being put down! He successfully slept on his own in our bed several times for long periods of time, waking up only when hungry. He also had some happy tummy time finally! He is also having some significant gas issues, however - sometimes he cries and cries as we try to burp him and it just takes forever to get him to burp. We feel terrible but we do our best!

Last weekend Bryan, Nicole, Avery and Nicole's sister Sarah stayed with us for the weekend. We had so much fun!! Avery was very gentle with Nick. She kept giving him kisses and petting him and saying "chute baby." It was adorable :) Friday night we just had dinner at the house and hung out. Saturday morning Nicole and I went to a mom to mom sale - it was very small but we both found some good stuff! Then we all went to Ann Arbor. We had lunch at Zingerman's, then went to the MDen. After that, Jeff and I brought Nick home and they continued out to Clawson to visit with other family. Sunday morning Nicole and I made waffles and bacon, then we all went to Ikea. It was Nicole's first time at Ikea and she loved it! After that, they left for Indiana, and we went home.

Monday night I had a meeting at school, so Jeff and Nick were on their own at home. Tuesday night I went to buy additional pump paraphernelia, to Costco to pick up some pictures and to Meijer for groceries. I was gone a little too long, and Nick got very hungry, so Jeff had to deal with a screaming baby while trying to put a bottle together. I really didn't plan to be gone that long but from now on, just in case, we'll always have a bottle ready! Wednesday I went into the office for the full day, and Jeff stayed home with Nick. The day went by very fast for me, thank goodness, and wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be - but Jeff did email me pictures all day, and he was home with his dad, not at daycare, so we'll see how I feel June 1. :(
Thursday I gave Nick a bath in the big tub. It went great - he didn't cry at all! Unfortunately he did poop, so that was an adventure. Later in the
afternoon I took him to The Learning Experience for the first time, to meet his "teacher," Miss Melissa, and generally check it out again and become acquainted with everyone. I felt like a terrible mother - Nick will be the only infant in the whole daycare! There is a 3.5 month old who comes one day a week - other than that, all of the kids are at least walking. I just have to get over it, and acknowledge that he will receive excellent care there, while I continue to pursue my career. He will probably be spoiled, being the only infant!! Or maybe I'm just telling myself that to make myself feel better . . . Last night Nick slept on his own in our bed while Jeff and I ate dinner - our very first dinner without Nick since he was born! I kind of missed him, although it was nice to eat with both hands, and Jeff and I are both looking forward to when he's big enough to sit in a high chair at the table with us, even if he won't eat our same dinner for quite some time.

Today we just hung out at home. Nick had a terrible morning with gas, but the afternoon was much better, and he slept peacefully again and enjoyed some tummy time. He is very good at holding his head up, although he doesn't hold it steady for very long - he mostly bops it around.

This weekend Nick is venturing up to Ludington to meet more of Jeff's dad's family. Jeff's Aunt Cherrie and Aunt Nancy are generously hosting a shower for us, and we are very excited for Nick to meet everyone. We'll come home sometime Sunday and enjoy the rest of the long weekend. This coming week is my last week of maternity leave. I plan to hold and cuddle Nick as much as possible, and build up my stash of milk as much as possible! His two month appointment is Friday - I can't wait to see how much he weighs, but he will also be getting some shots that day, so it won't be a perfect day. Next weekend we will be celebrating Jeff's 30th birthday - Nick may or may not be with a baby sitter for the very first time! We'll see :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Six Weeks Old

Today Nick is six weeks old! He is getting bigger and bigger everyday. We put him in his car seat, and then we looked at the pictures from when we brought him home - what a difference! It's amazing how fast they grow and change these first few months. He is making more and different noises, and he has "found" his tongue and likes to stick it out and "play" with it.

I had a fantastic Mother's Day weekend. Saturday morning Nick and I took Grandma Juarez out to breakfast. She gave me a coffee cup she had made with a picture of Nick from the day we brought him home, and it says "Happy 1st Mother's Day." Saturday evening we went to Grammie and Grandpa Lundberg's house for dinner. Uncle Jim made chicken kabobs, and Grammie gave me some beautiful white roses and a little monogram T notepad. Sunday we just hung out at home, our little family of three - Jeff made breakfast (scrambled eggs :) ) and we had Chinese food for dinner. Jeff also gave me two totally perfect cards - one from him and one from Nick. He took care of Nick all day, all I had to do was nurse. It gave me time to finally arrange my closet - after almost three months of living here :) We did not get around to taking pictures of our feet but we will do that soon.

Monday Nick and I went to Costco - he slept the whole time! The cashier was surprised he was only five weeks and said he looked "good and healthy" for a five week old - that made me smile :) Tuesday we stayed home, and Jeff worked from home from 5:30 till 8:00 pm, so it was a long day :) Wednesday evening was my six week post-partum check-up. Nick did not enjoy the car ride home for some reason - he is pretty hit or miss in his car seat. Sometimes he will just sit in it, quietly alert, or sleep in it, and sometimes he wails as soon as we set him down in it. Thursday was Nick's first La Leche League meeting - I'm so sad, I forgot to take a picture! I nursed him once at the meeting, and told his birth story and talked about our nursing relationship so far. Friday we hung around the house, getting ready for Bryan, Nicole, Avery and Sarah's visit. They arrived around 5:45 pm. We all ate dinner together, and then just sat around and talked for hours after the babies and Sarah were asleep. Avery was so cute with Nick - she kept saying 'cute baby' and giving him gentle pats and kisses.

Bryan, Nicole, Avery and Sarah are here through Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon Nick gets to have some one-on-one time with dad while I go to a bridal shower. This week and next week I'll be going to work all day on Wednesday, so Jeff will be home with Nick all day. I also plan on taking Nick to his daycare one day this week to "introduce" him to his "teacher," Miss Melissa. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend - we are headed up to Ludington so Nick can finally meet the rest of the amazing Lundberg side of his family :) We will also be celebrating Grammie Lundberg's birthday sometime that weekend. This seems like a busy week - hope Nick is ready for it! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

6 Week Post-Partum Visit

Tonight was my 6 week post-partum visit with my midwife. Jeff and Nick went with me - here's Jeff keeping our cutie boy occupied while we waited. I had to fill out a little survey before I was called in, which had questions about coping, sleep, happiness, etc. I was very honest but I wondered how many women hurt themselves by lying on such surveys? I admit it was a little difficult for me to be honest!

On to my appointment. I've lost almost 28 of the 37 pounds I gained during my pregnancy and my BP was 112/69. My stitches are gone and everything healed nicely. I had a bit of "something" around my cervix but my midwife cleaned it out. My midwife thought Nick was adorable and big and looked a lot different from April 5 - when we left the hospital!

She also gave me some fantastic news - it's been 8 1/2 weeks since Henry Ford West Bloomfield opened and the midwives still have a 0% ("emergency") C-section rate! Ironically, I was apparently the closest patient to a C-section - bad news for me, but amazing news for the midwives! This speaks volumes to the skill and caring ways of the four midwives, in my opinion, and also to the types of women who seek out midwifery care instead of a typical OB-GYN. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with the midwives and the hospital, and I strongly encourage women in metro Detroit, especially those who are pregnant or trying to conceive, to consider using a Henry Ford midwife, schedule a consultation and check out Henry Ford West Bloomfield!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This picture was how I spent the morning of my very first Mother's Day as a mom - with my son, sleeping and eating and talking. I am not a religious person but when I think about Nick the only thing I can think is, "We are so blessed." Last year on Mother's Day I knew I wanted a baby, but Jeff wasn't ready, and neither one of us knew that this year for Mother's Day we'd have our beautiful baby boy. Motherhood so far has been so many things - exhilarating, frustrating, happy, worrisome, fun, tiring, invigorating, triumphal, inspirational, emotional . . . all this after only five short weeks! I am proud to be a mom, but I am extremely proud to be Nick's mom, and Jeff and I are both looking forward to all the emotions, events and fun times the next fifty years of Nick's life will bring us!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Five Weeks Old

Today Nick is five weeks old! Only three more weeks of maternity leave. I am enjoying my time at home with him as much as possible - but I am looking forward to going back to work, too. I am sure once I'm back at work I will wish I was still on leave :)

Saturday we took Nick to the Green Street Fair in downtown Plymouth. I carried him in the Moby. We just walked around and looked at all the vendors and ate fajita wraps :) Sunday Nick met Lauren and Jan for the first time. He was adorable, of course, and he wore the onesie Lauren decorated for him at my shower.
Monday was a lazy hang-out-at-home day. Tuesday was Nick's photo shoot - it went ok. He doesn't like being on his back, so the only pictures that *might* turn out ok are the ones where he is on his tummy - and you can't see his whole face in most of them :( We'll see! Tuesday night I had a Law Alumni Association meeting, so Nick was alone with Jeff for about four hours - the longest yet! Wednesday we took Nick to my office so Jeff could set up my computer to allow me to work from home. Jeff left with Nick around 2:00 pm, and I stayed at the office. Thursday was a pajama day - for both of us! Today we went to Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, where I enjoyed a delicious sandwich while Nick slept. We began the day with the intention of going to the Breastfeeding Cafe in Ann Arbor, but we left the house so late there was no point, so we went to Zingerman's instead. We came home and did some chores, then we ran out to Laurel Park Place. I used our Snap n' Go stroller for the first time - for the diaper bag :) Nick was in the Moby the whole time.

This weekend is my very first Mother's Day as a mom. My sister sent me small and medium Oxo cookie scoops and three beautiful cards - two of which made me cry - as my first Mother's Day gift from her :) Jeff and I are celebrating with our moms on Saturday so that Sunday can be a day for just our new little family :) So far the only plans are to take pictures of our feet and have Chinese food. I am also taking Nick to my friend Lisa's baby shower on Saturday - Lisa is pregnant with Emily, Nick's future girl BFF :) Next week we don't have anything scheduled except my six week check up with my midwife and Nick's very first La Leche League meeting. Next weekend my cousin Bryan and his family are coming to visit - very exciting! They'll get to meet Nick for the very first time!

We are still waiting to see Nick's first real smile. He holds his head up a lot and I have started giving him some "tummy time." He seems like such a big baby now - he has outgrown some of his newborn clothes and fits into 0-3 sleepers! We unofficially weighed him and he weighs around 10 lbs, give or take a few ounces. He won't "officially" be weighed again until his 2 month check up in a few weeks. He is such an adorable, happy baby - we are so lucky!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Four Weeks Old

Today Nick is four weeks old!! We cannot believe it's been four weeks since he was born. He is very strong - he holds his head up a lot. He hasn't genuinely smiled yet - we are eagerly awaiting that! We are sure his smile will be beautiful based on the faux smiles he gives us when he's gassy :)

This week was a little traumatic. On Monday, Nick threw up four times and I freaked out. We called his doctor and the nurse said to feed him smaller amounts more frequently to see if that helped and scheduled an appointment for us Tuesday morning. I was really afraid Nick had a condition called pyloric stenosis - a rare condition (but one that occurs most frequently in first born Caucasian males) where the bottom of the stomach closes, and which requires surgery (although a simple surgery) to repair. Silly Internet, allowing me to self-diagnose :P We went to the doctor Tuesday and Nick weighed 9 lbs 10 oz (9 oz more than Friday - a very good sign!) and then the doctor checked him out. He felt for the "olive" - a small mass that can be felt in the groin area of babies with PS - but didn't feel it. Because of the circumstances, though, he wanted to rule out PS and he asked me to take Nick to the emergency room at St. Joe's in Ann Arbor for an upper GI. So I took Nick there and Jeff met us there. They did an ultrasound, which was negative, so it appears as though Nick just has GER - baby acid reflux. I have been feeding him smaller amounts more frequently since Monday night and he hasn't thrown up at all. Hopefully we can control it without having to resort to medication (Zantac or Prevacid). It was very scary to think my little three and a half week old baby might need surgery. I sat in the ER waiting room crying, thinking about all the moms and dads who have to sit through worse things with their little children, like cancer. It was such a relief when the ultrasound was negative!

The rest of the week has been fine - no more throwing up! Just a little bit of spit-up. Wednesday and Thursday we laid low at the house, because of the incessant rain and because I was still worried about him and didn't want to overexcite him. Wednesday evening Audrey and Norm came over for dinner and to meet Nick. He loved them and I hope they loved him too! Friday we met Jeff at his office for lunch, and Nick got to meet Jeff's co-workers. He was adorable and everyone loved him! Then I took him to 12 Oaks for the first time. I nursed him in the (empty) food court. I'm working my way up to public nursing!!

We rescheduled Nick's photo shoot for this week. I am also going into the office one day this week, so Nick will be home all day with Dad instead of Mom. We'll see how that goes! Four more weeks until I'm back to work full-time!