Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This picture was how I spent the morning of my very first Mother's Day as a mom - with my son, sleeping and eating and talking. I am not a religious person but when I think about Nick the only thing I can think is, "We are so blessed." Last year on Mother's Day I knew I wanted a baby, but Jeff wasn't ready, and neither one of us knew that this year for Mother's Day we'd have our beautiful baby boy. Motherhood so far has been so many things - exhilarating, frustrating, happy, worrisome, fun, tiring, invigorating, triumphal, inspirational, emotional . . . all this after only five short weeks! I am proud to be a mom, but I am extremely proud to be Nick's mom, and Jeff and I are both looking forward to all the emotions, events and fun times the next fifty years of Nick's life will bring us!

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