Friday, July 3, 2009

Thirteen Weeks (Three Months)

Today Nick is thirteen weeks old! It's been three calendar months since his birth. His fourth trimester is now over, and he is ready to be born :) We have seen some big changes, too. He can sleep laying down on his own, he can sit up being propped by pillows, he can support his own weight on his legs a little bit, he can push up on his arms during tummy time. It's all very exciting! He should start rolling over soon - and then look out!!

This was a very exciting week. Last weekend we were in Pentwater for Tim and Stephanie's wedding. Nick did great! He slept for a long time on Saturday - right through the ceremony! - and woke up just in time to be cute for the reception. Afterwards we went back to Grandma Lundberg's and slept. Sunday morning we woke up, packed, and hit the road home. We rolled in around 2 pm. We just hung out at home and got caught up on some chores. Monday was an exciting day for Nick - a new friend started at daycare! Now Nick isn't the only infant :) Tuesday night Nick hung out at home with dad, Grammie and Grandpa while mom went to a digital scrapbooking seminar at daycare. Wednesday Nick stayed at home while mom ran out to Target to buy Nick a wall mirror to play with, like they have at daycare, and a present for his new friend Emily. Thursday mom, dad and Nick went to go visit Emily and brought Lisa and Donnie dinner - yum, pizza! Nick is literally twice Emily's weight - it was fun to take a picture of them side by side :)

Today was exciting - Nick got to meet Maureen (Aunt Krystyn's best friend) and Mrs. Fandale! They came over and held him and played with him and let him slobber all over them :)

Tomorrow is Fourth of July - mom's favorite holiday! - and hopefully we're all going to the Northville parade, then to Mill Race Village. Saturday night Grammie and Grandpa Lundberg are coming over to celebrate mom's birthday - the big 2-9 :) Sunday is mom's actual birthday. She plans to take a break from changing diapers and maybe go see My Sister's Keeper. This week is pretty uneventful - Thursday night is La Leche League, and Saturday night Nick will stay home with dad while mom and Lauren celebrate their last birthdays in their 20s :)

We really cannot believe how fast he's growing up. Nothing shows you how big your three month old is like putting him next to a newborn! Each day is exciting and it's so fun to see him learn and see new things.

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