Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourteen Weeks

Today Nick is fourteen weeks old! He gets more expressive every day, making different sounds and "conversing" with us. He also loves to play now - he loves pat-a-cake, or any other interactive game. He is a very happy smiley boy!

This week, however, was not Nick's best week - he got his first cold :( The week started out pretty good. Saturday was the 4th of July, but Nick is so young we decided to wait for next year to join in any festivities, so we just hung around the house and eventually grilled. Sunday was mom's birthday. In the morning she went to the movies by herself and stopped and bought herself a bottle drying tray and bought Nick a new ball. She and dad enjoyed a pizza for lunch and just hung out the rest of the day.
Monday Nick had a great day at daycare - a bunch of new kids started this week because the Livonia TLE closed. Tuesday Nick got to meet Melissa and Jim Madden - mom's best friend from high school and her husband. Luckily he was actually awake for a little while when they came over :) Tuesday night, however, is when Nick started showing symptoms of his cold. He was congested and struggling to breathe. He woke up coughing. As mom tried to comfort him, dad looked up the symptoms in the baby medical book. Mom and dad both freaked out and were nervous Nick might have pneumonia, so they took Nick to the ER at St. Joe's. After being weighed (14 lbs 8 oz!), having his temp taken (99.2) and having his lungs listened to (sounded clear), the super tall female resident and super nice attending determined it's just a cold. They gave us a bulb aspirator and told us to keep him upright and keep checking for dehydration. So Wednesday morning mom stayed home with Nick while dad went to work, then dad came home around 1:30 and mom went to work. Thursday mom and dad were both exhibiting symptoms as well, but mom still went to work and dad stayed home. Mom felt uncomfortable going to La Leche League sick and with a sick baby, so they skipped the meeting. Thursday night Uncle Jim and his friend came over for dinner, and Nick fought through his illness to still be super adorable for company :)

Today mom and dad hired Uncle Jim to stay home with Nick and dad, so dad could work from home without having to care for Nick 100%. By all accounts Uncle Jim did great!! :)

This weekend we are laying low due to our colds. Sunday morning I'm taking Nick to an LAA meeting, if we're feeling better, then to Grandma Audrey and Papa Norm's for belated birthday bagels. This week we have nothing scheduled - here's hoping we all feel better and can rest and recuperate! Next weekend we have our first Connection Parenting tribe meeting - can't wait to post about that!

We gave in and purchased Nick a Bumbo. He likes it for short periods of time and he looks adorable in it :) We are still waiting for him to roll over - we haven't been strict with tummy time because he's sick, it doesn't seem to help his breathing.

Our little boy is growing so big so fast! We love cuddling and holding him, but we are looking forward to him sitting up on his own, crawling and even walking! My baby update said within the next month or so he might start saying "ma ma" and "da da." Aunt Krystyn also bought me a baby sign language kit, which we are so excited to delve into!

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