Friday, April 24, 2009

Three Weeks Old

Today Nick is three weeks old! He had another well-baby visit today, and he weighed 9 lbs 1 oz!! The pediatrician said we are doing a great job :) Mom likes to hear that! On Saturday Nick finally met his Great-Grandma Pingle, pictured here - Nick was born on her birthday! We took him to Jimmy John's before the visit - he slept the whole time :)

Sunday Dad had a big meeting at the house, so Mom and Nick went to Target and Babies R Us. Nick stayed in the Moby and slept at both stores :)

Monday and Tuesday there was bad weather, so Mom and Nick stayed home. Wednesday Mom took Nick to her office to meet her co-workers, who thought he was adorable, of course!

On Thursday Mom took Nick to file the principal residence exemption paperwork at the Northville municipal offices, and then to The Little Seedling in Ann Arbor, where Mom bought a Maya sling. Mom and Nick both love the Moby but wanted something a little quicker for around the house. Nick loves the Maya, too - really, it's just another place to nap. :) Today Mom took Nick to his pediatrician's appointment, and at night when Dad came home, the whole family went to Panera in downtown Plymouth. Nick was in the Moby and of course received a lot of attention in there! Mom hasn't worn Nick in the Moby once without hearing another mom exclaim "that's what I need!" :)

This weekend is a big weekend - Nick is going to try a bottle for the first time! All the literature says before 3 weeks is too soon, but after 4 weeks can be too late, so Mom and Dad decided this weekend would be a good time to start. Mom is going to some mom-to-mom sales and to return a few things at various stores, so Dad and Nick will be home alone and Dad can try the bottle.

This coming week, Nick is having some pictures taken - a local photographer is offering free baby sessions, so we figured, why not? And we plan to meet Jeff for lunch one day, so Jeff's co-workers can meet the baby. On Wednesday Nick is going to meet Audrey and Norm Raymond for the first time - some additional grandparents he's lucky enough to have :) Next weekend Jeff is going to be away most of the time at Penguicon, a computer convention - and on Sunday, Nick will be one month old! Goodness gracious, where has the time gone already?? :)

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