Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cloth Baby Wipes

Jeff and I have decided to use cloth diapers with our baby. While researching cloth diapers online, I came across several websites that recommended using cloth baby wipes as well as cloth diapers. So, I decided to buy a sewing machine, learn to sew and make our own cloth baby wipes! It's a nice project I can definitely complete before the baby arrives, and it helps me to feel like I am "preparing" for our baby's arrival.

I bought three different kinds of fabric: flannel, terry cloth and fleece. All of the wipes have a flannel side, 1/3 of them have a terry cloth back and 2/3 have a fleece back. As UM fans, we thought it would be funny to make some Ohio State baby wipes, but unfortunately, it does not appear as though tOSU has chosen to license its logo to fabric manufacturers. So we had to settle for our second-biggest rival, MSU. I found MSU fleece and flannel. The other baby wipes have a fairly gender-neutral yellow baby-themed flannel, with either blue terry cloth or blue fleece as the other side.

There are several "recipes" for baby wipe solution online. The one I think we're going to use is a mixture of water, baby oil and baby wash. We will put it in a spray bottle or squirt bottle and get each wipe wet as we use it. Then, we will just stick the wipe(s) in with the diaper and wash them altogether! We anticipate running a load of diapers/wipes every 2-3 days, so we are not at all concerned about the smell.

We have not yet decided which cloth diapers we will use. I've read good things about Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz diapers, but our research is on-going on this topic.


N. VanDervort said...

Your brave for wanting to go with cloth diapers. I wanted to do this as well, but it seemed like a huge hassle. I know it's good for the environment and eventually easier on the wallet, but I couldn't do it. Maybe washing out my brother's cloth diapers during my teenage years scarred me for life!

N. VanDervort said...

Here is a blog about making cloth diapers. It sounds pretty easy!