Friday, November 27, 2009

Thirty-Four Weeks

Today Nick is thirty-four weeks old! Nick is so mobile now, we really have to be careful :) He is not quite crawling yet, still army-crawling, but he's getting quicker and quicker!

Last weekend was relaxing before the big event - Nick's first Thanksgiving! Saturday Jeff went to The Game with Chris, and I stayed home with Nick. We watched some of the game, we napped, we played - it was a nice, relaxing day for us. Sunday we all went to Costco to do some shopping for Thanksgiving. It seems like Nick likes shopping - he is a big-time people watcher, just like me! We bought a turkey that *might* weigh more than Nick - we're not sure because Nick hasn't been weighed since early October. The turkey was 18.91 pounds, and last time we weighed Nick, he was 17 lbs 10 oz.

Monday was back to work and daycare, but for a very short week. Monday, once again, Nick did not eat very well at daycare, so I decided to try a different eating schedule to see if it would help. I bought some 8 oz bottles on Tuesday and sent 3 six ounce bottles on Wednesday, for Nick to eat every three hours. It seemed to be a little better for him. Wednesday night Aunt Krystyn arrived, but not until long after Nick was asleep.

Thursday was Thanksgiving! Nick's first Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving in the new house. Nick and I woke Aunt Krystyn up. We came downstairs and made cinnamon rolls while Nick played in the kitchen. After he went down for his first nap, I made the stuffing and put the turkey in the oven. Grammie and Grandpa and Uncle Jim and Rachel came over around 1 or so. Everyone played with Nick, chatted and snacked until dinner was ready. Nick woke up from his second nap just in time to enjoy dinner with everyone. We put him in his high chair at the head of the table and he dined on turkey, green beans and sweet potatoes. It was his first real serving of protein and he seemed to enjoy it, stuffing his mouth as full as he could :) After dinner we all played with Nick for a little while until it was time for bed. Hopefully it was a satisfying first Thanksgiving for him :)

Today we mostly hung out at home. During Nick's first nap Krystyn and I ran out to Carter's and bought him some of the most adorable clothes in 12 months. We also bought him a cute bib that says "My Auntie is the Best." We put up Nick's first Christmas tree, and were careful to hang all the ornaments on the upper 2/3 of the tree, so Nick can't reach them. He's never playing alone in the room where we put the tree anyway, so we're not too concerned about it, but better safe than sorry! After Nick was asleep Krystyn and I ran out to Old Navy. I literally had to be pulled from the children's section! I bought Nick some more fleece pants in the next size up, a new fleece snowsuit-type thing (this one has built in foldover mittens - yay!) and two adorable onesies. One says "wild about mom" and the other says "I make my mommy smile." How could I resist??

Tomorrow we are going to visit Santa at Somerset, and Great Grandma Pingle, and Grandma Juarez's grave. Sunday Aunt Krystyn is leaving and we are hanging out at home, recuperating from such an exciting week and getting ready for December! This week we don't have anything exciting going on, but Saturday Nick and Jeff will be alone for a few hours while I go to a retreat for the Law Alumni Association.

I am starting to get a little concerned about Nick's eating habits changing. Solids are only supposed to be experimental at his age - he is still supposed to get his nutrition from my milk - but when I send solids to daycare, he hardly drinks his bottles, and sometimes outright refuses them, and he's not nursing more at home either. This doesn't happen on the weekends when he's nursing instead of being bottle-fed. Is this Nick asserting his independence already, because he self-feeds but doesn't feed himself his bottles? I don't know, but until we figure it out, I'm not sending solids to daycare on a daily basis.

Nick's daycare caregiver told me he'll probably be moved to infant B in January, because he's mobile. It's so exciting to see him learning and growing and changing, but at the same time it's sad because it's happening so fast, and he's our first baby! We're enjoying every moment with him, every new experience and every new skill.

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