Friday, September 11, 2009

Twenty-Three Weeks

Today Nick is twenty-three weeks old! This week was also rough. This is Nick's blog though, not mine, so I will try to keep it about him.

Nick's two bottom teeth are getting taller every day! So far he is a great teether. He'll get a little fussy - not really crying, just fidgety and making irritated noises, and sticking his hands in his mouth a lot - and then we give him some Hyland's Teething Tablets (a homeopathic teething relief aid) and he's all smiles again! He is still sleeping and nursing normally, too. So far so good!

We can tell Nick really wants to sit up, and he is almost there, but not quite. He loves his Bumbo and sitting up with support from the Boppy. He is playing with toys more, and really seems to focus and pay attention to things. He still loves ceiling fans! Jeff is really good at getting him giggling - it's so fun to watch!

Last weekend was terribly sad - Grandma Juarez's funeral was Saturday. Nick got to meet lots of new people and see some old friends. He brought comfort and some smiles to lots of people, and was very patient during the service. Sunday we hung out at home with Aunt Krystyn and Uncle Zack. Melissa and Jim Madden stopped by for a little while, too. Monday we all went over to Aunt Cindi's for a Labor Day BBQ. Tuesday was the graveside service, so Nick went to daycare. Wednesday Aunt Krystyn and Uncle Zack flew home, and dad returned to work. Thursday mom returned to work and Nick did not have an easy day at daycare. Miss Amanda called mom at work around lunchtime and said Nick hadn't taken a nap yet and was being very fussy. Dad called grammie and grandpa to see if someone could take Nick his teething tablets. Grammie took them over and stayed a couple hours to help soothe Nick, and he had a great afternoon. Thursday night mom and Nick went to their La Leche League meeting. Mom thought Nick would sleep but he was actually awake the whole time! Everyone thought he was so adorable. He was the only baby out of 5 who didn't cry the whole night! He was very attentive when people were speaking, and he enjoyed looking at the other babies.

Today Nick had a great day at daycare. Tonight we were going to go out and do something 'fun,' but Nick wanted to nurse to sleep pretty early, so he went to sleep and we're just hanging out. We have a fun busy weekend ahead of us - tomorrow is Cooper Swanson's birthday party, which all three of us are going to, and Sunday is Lisa's baby shower, which I am going to while dad and Nick stay home. This week is a pretty normal week - mom is picking Nick up from daycare on Monday because dad has a doctor's appointment, and on Tuesday for moms' night out. Then next weekend is our Bradley reunion! We can hardly wait to see everyone again, and meet all the babies.

Nick has been a huge comfort to us these past couple weeks. While I am very sad he will never know my mom, I am kind of glad he's too young to realize what's going on or to experience the loss we're feeling right now. He is such a happy, laid back, active baby, we can't help but smile when we're around him and it helps right now. We just love that boy!

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