Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prenatal Appointment

Today I had my prenatal appointment for December. It went well - my weight gain is right on target and Nick's heartbeat was in the 120s/130s. My midwife nervously told me she is switching practices, but she had no reason to be nervous - her new office will be about ten minutes from mine, instead of the hour it takes me to get there now! So I am definitely switching practices with her. I have already scheduled my next appointment with her new office for January 22 - that is a big appointment, it's when I have my glucose screening. I have to drink an orange drink, wait an hour, then have my blood drawn. I'll be 28 weeks the week before, which is when I have to start going every two weeks instead of once a month - so my midwife is moving her office just in time! This also means I'll deliver at Henry Ford West Bloomfield (, instead of Providence Southfield (unless there are construction delays). It's a new hospital and it sounds amazing - here's the patient room description:

"Studies have shown that private hospital rooms reduce the rate of infection by 50 percent. Our own informal survey also has shown that all patients would prefer rooms of their own. So at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, you'll find only private rooms.

Each is outfitted with all the comforts of home, including a sleeper sofa, kitchen facilities, and a flat-screen TV with Internet access that gives you the ability to see your family, access information about your particular condition, communicate with your nurse, order a movie or shop online from one of the many retail stores on Main Street. The rooms in our obstetrics unit feature Jacuzzis so laboring mothers can be made more comfortable.

We've thought of every last detail - from the warm color palette borrowed from a Michigan autumn to the artwork from local artists that hangs on the walls. Speaking of walls, ours are curved, in order to make our rooms feel as cozy and inviting as possible. You'll also find a beautiful armoire for your clothes, shelves for flowers and cards, and an upholstered headboard adorning your comfortable bed.

Supplies are stocked in every room and workstations are located right outside your door, so you can expect assistance as soon as you need it, and food when you want it. Not ready for dinner until 7 p.m.? We offer 24-hour room service. As long as it's OK with your doctor, it's OK with us."

My midwife and I talked about delivery - I'm having such an easy pregnancy, I don't have any pregnancy questions, just labor and delivery questions! She answered all of my questions and I loved her answers. She said she gives an average of 2-3 episiotomies a year, which is very few, and she said she only gives Pitocin if the woman wants it. She also said I can bond with the baby and nurse the baby right away after birth, that she has waited 2-3 hours before to weigh, measure, etc. the baby. She encourages staying well-hydrated too, to avoid an IV, and only gives IVs if the woman is getting dehydrated (usually from vomiting, she said). She has heard of my Bradley coach before and said she's very experienced and very good, so I'm excited to start my class in January! I feel very confident that I can have a natural birth, if Jeff and I prepare ourselves as best we can and work with my midwife during labor. I'm nervous but excited - because at the end, Nick will be here!

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